Internship Law Graduate

Hafiz Tariq Nasim & Co. is one of the few, very well reputed law firms in Pakistan. The main office of HTN & Co is located in the vicinity of the Lahore High Court in a stand-alone building close to the Punjab Bar Council. The Firm has a team of several legal counsels and advocates who are supported by a number of associates and paralegals to ensure top quality legal representation as well as legal consultancy services but we also support and encourage young lawyers so if you wish to join us and you are a qualified and a dedicated individual, feel free to send us your resume.
The emphasis of HTN & Co is upon professional precision, administrative brilliance and swift international reach.


Education: Law Graduate
Location: Lahore
Abilities: Good understanding of working at lower courts
Job Type: Internship
Validity: April  2019 – June 2019

Apply Here

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